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Be informed, equipped and inspired by those who have explored areas of sexuality and inclusion from a theological and doctrinal perspective.

Changing Attitudes, Orders and Regulations: Assessing Grassroots Activism and the “Let’s Talk” Process in The Salvation Army in Regard to Same-Sex Relationships 
This qualitative research project examines a dialogue and change process within The Salvation Army (TSA) relatingto matters of equity and inclusion for those who are gender or sexuality diverse (GSD). Interviews with 19 senior leaders and those involved in grassroots ministry form the basis of thisexploration of organisational, political and theological dynamics of dialogue and change processes from 2013 –2021. In this period there was an identified awareness at the most senior levels of TSA of the mission imperative for dialogue and change. A top down approach to dialogue using a Faith Based Facilitation approach, called “Let’s Talk” was developed, there was an increase in grassroots advocacy seeking dialogue and change and, significantly, the development and release of a new ‘Orders and Regulations’, the guide book of belief and practice for TSA occurred during this period.

Captain Kris Halliday

A Salvationist Response to Same Sex Marriages
Questions of legitimacy and authority are central themes when analyzing the constitution of marriage as one must ask: if a couple is married under the law, by God, or both? 

Captain Rebecka Cotterill

Whosoever Will
This essay will explore the theology of salvation held by TSA and its implications for the inclusion of LGBTQI persons. TSA holds to a doctrine of universally available grace as expressed in the song lyric, “Whosever will may come and who comes to Thee shall never disappointed turn away; Praise the Lord! ‘tis whosoever.” But is that belief matched by practice when it comes to people of difference, particularly LGBTQI persons? This study will explore whether a gap exists between belief and practice and propose an approach to LGBTQI inclusion consistent with TSA’s stated theological position.

Major Karina Wood

The Salvation Army & Same Sex Love
The Salvation Army teaches heterosexual marriage as the only God-given and Biblical framework for cohabitation and sexual expression. This implicitly leads to condemnation of gay relationships and an explicit expectation that gay salvationists and officers should live in celibacy. A growing number of salvationists, adherents, employees, family members and Salvation Army friends find this practice problematic. Our experience is that there are Christians in same-sex relationships that do important services in our corps, and who dedicate their lives to God. Does this contradict the words of the Bible?

A. Rebecca Solevåg