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Towards inclusion in The Salvation Army

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Videos to help you, your Church or your friends go deeper.

We desire for people to do more than just read, talk and think about inclusion. We passionately desire for people to live inclusively. 
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Where do we go From Here?
A three part series on 'Where do we go From Here?' released in 2021:
 - An Included Conversation (Rev Dr Arno Steen Andreasen)
 - An Included Conversation (Arno Steen Andreasen & Spencer Viney)
 - An Included Conversation (Spencer Viney)

INCLUDED 2020 (main sessions)
The four main sessions from the inaugural INCLUDED 2020 webinar:
 - Stories of Hope, Affirmation and Visibility
 - Stories of Theology, Research and the Importance of Inclusion
 - Stories from The International Salvation Army
 - Reflections