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Towards inclusion in The Salvation Army


Books, videos and other material to help you, your Church or your friends go deeper.

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We desire for people to do more than just read, talk and think about inclusion. We passionately desire for people to live inclusively. 
To help you within this, we offer the following resources and ideas. 
If you have a resource you would like us to consider, or there is something missing which you would like to see, please contact us to let us know.  

Pins, badges, lanyards, patches and other LGBTQI+ gear
These Rainbow Wear products are designed to help you celebrate and promote your inclusivity. 
We encourage people to do more than just wear our products though, but to live up to the love, acceptance, vision and community which they represent.

A collection of videos from past INCLUDED events, as well as some illustrative pieces which may be useful for teaching yourself or others about the need for inclusivity. 

Videos can be streamed online or downloaded for offline viewing.

A collection of downloadable sermons, PowerPoint presentations, toolkits and Bible studies for use within your own church setting. These resources may be adapted and used within your own context as needed.  

Display your inclusivity with pride by wearing attire which promotes LGBTQI+ inclusivity. Whether it's wearing a subtle pin, or a rainbow emblazed hoodie, these items certainly make a statement, and make for excellent conversation starters.