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On July 1st 2021 General Brian Peddle, the international leader of The Salvation Army, released a letter addressed to all salvationists. We understand the hurt, anger, grief and frustration experienced by many with this letter. We, along with many salvationists, feel compelled to respond. 

Both letters are available for download, and our response has been submitted to the General for consideration. 

If you would like to speak to this letter personally (which we encourage), we are working alongside Salvos for a more inclusive church. Responses / letters submitted there will be collectively forwarded to the General as a united response.

Please reach out if you need to talk, require support, or simply need a safe space to vent. We can help connect you with people in your area.


Sit down, relax and know that you are most welcome here. 

This is a place of conversation and learning for all people, but it was specifically created by and for people involved with The Salvation Army so that the voices of LGBTQI+ persons can be heard and celebrated. Though some members of the LGBTQ+ community have found a spiritual home within the Salvation Army, we recognize that many still struggle to be included, with people of diverse sexualities and gender (DSG) sometimes feeling shamed, humiliated or even driven out of our part of the church.

We affirm the creation of all people in the image of God, seeking to discern and respond to that image respectfully, with love and compassion. We hope that you will find INCLUDED to be encouraging, challenging and perhaps even inspiring.

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